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Money Matters

's balance is: DC$

Currency Brokers

DiscoveryGrid does not perform any game tokens cashin/cashouts. We refer you to these 3rd party currency brokers who offer the ability to transfer your virtual game money across the hypergrid. Select the broker icon to navigate to their respective WEB site to obtain information about their services.


Podex is a UK based virtual coin exchange. They will convert Discovery Coins (DC$) to various virtual and fiat currencies. Both local grid residents and Hypergrid residents are serviced by PODEX on DC$ purchases. Podex terminals are located inworld at Discovery City and in various shopping malls throughout the grid.


Gloebit LLC is a US based virtual currency provider. They offer universal tokens, G$, that are not locked to a grid. Your Gloebits are maintained in their central repository and they are accessible on all participating grids. Gloebits can be transacted on regions enabled for Gloebits. NOTICE: Because of low service reliability, you are advised we take no responsibility in any or all G$ transaction problems.

PayPal Coin (in Planning)

PayPal has a digital stablecoin called the PYUSD. It is fully backed by U.S. dollars. To simplify its use in virtual worlds the internal form is the PY$ which is 250PY$ = 1PYUSD. PYUSD are fractional, so 1PY$ = 0.004PYUSD. PYUSD are not locked to a grid. Your PYUSD are maintained in the PayPal central repository and they are accessible on all participating grids. You buy PYUSD coins from PayPal and you cash them out at Paypal.

All listed brokers have stipulated they comply with the EU GDPR.

Responsibility for DC$, G$ or PYUSD conversions falls entirely with the commercial currency exchanges: Podex, Gloebit, and PayPal. Any DC$, G$, PYUSD related real money cashin or cashout conversion issues must be addressed with the respective 3rd party exchanges. Conversion of these tokens to fiat currency is a taxable event. You are responsible for complying with local or federal taxing agency regulations or laws.

Local DC$

Our local virtual game token is the Discovery Coin (DC$). Its fictive exchange rate is 250DC$ per $1USD for the purpose of verisimilitude, but we do not sell them and we do not cash them out. Discovery Coins are valueless game tokens.