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Inworld Classifieds

Plumtree Furniture and Decor  -- Whiskey Bay 343/1140/107
Come check out my Main Store where you'll find furniture using real fabric textures. There is lots to see! And a gift for you at the door. xoxo

home decor, furniture, decor, sofas, chairs, lamps, rugs, fireplace, aquarium, fish tank, plants, piano, asian furniture, modern furniture, country furniture
—— placed by Lindee Ellsmere —— Shopping
Magistrate  -- Discovery City 39/833/111
Want to get hitched, married, set up a partnership, or dissolve the relationship? Head to the magistrate's office to get that paperwork done. Walk up to the judge and he will walk you through the process.
—— placed by Balpien Hammerer —— Special Attraction
Valentine's Day - February 14  -- Lawrence Bay 683/1770/101
Remember your loved one's on Valentine's Day with gifts, cards and balloons from Festive Occasions. Located at Svarovski Mall, Lawerence Bay Shopping Plaza and Local Colors. Come shop with us today!
—— placed by Esparanza Freese —— Shopping
Skippo Game Area  -- Atlantis 607/236/102
Everyone is Welcome to come here and Play and help beta test my new Skippo Game.
all, All, Games, shopping
—— placed by Drew Hunter —— Shopping
Poker & Card Gams Area  -- Atlantis 587/240/102
Everyone is Welcome to come here and Play and help beta test my new Skippo Game/
—— placed by Drew Hunter —— Special Attraction
Tsuki Mura Village  -- Celestial Japan 3249/1283/103
An Edo period village
Japanese kimono, japanese ceramics, kites, tea ceremony, temple, artwork, gifts, parasols, fans, garden plants
—— placed by Jillian2000 Quintessa —— Shopping
Discovery City Building B  -- Discovery City 70/969/116
1 - the PODEX currency terminals
2 - Free curated scripts
4 - Hypergate terminals.
—— placed by Balpien Hammerer —— Service
Mural Amphitheater - virtual Seattle  -- Seattle 361/498/132
Grid sponsored events
The Mural amphitheater is an outdoor stage and grounds for large crowds. It has a state of the art lighting system. Available for events, file a support ticket to rent the space.
—— placed by Balpien Hammerer —— Special Attraction
Chris CreationZ at Whiskey Bay  -- Whiskey Bay 1838/1921/108
For now :) parts of zen garden of selea core, free, free zengarden, freebie. hanging art tapistry witch wiccan ritual circles.
More to come (i hope)
april 2021
chris namaste
—— placed by Chris Namaste —— Shopping
Lorens Sound Effects  -- Whiskey Bay 2297/1824/108
Sound Effects for Builders. The most comprehensive source fo virtual world effects.
Whatever it is for sound effects, here's where you can find them all. Questions, contact Lorin Tone.
—— placed by Lorin Tone —— Shopping
Arda  -- Arda 128/128/147
A place to clean up your avatar.
—— placed by Balpien Hammerer —— Service
Uniquely Quintessa Furnishings  -- Celestial Japan 3151/191/102
Unique furnishings for your unique home with an Asian flair. Furniture, lighting, and other interior items.
—— placed by Jillian2000 Quintessa —— Shopping
Discovery City Municipal Grounds  -- Discovery City 83/880/105
Welcome to the Discovery City municipal grounds, a newcomer friendly spot to get you outfitted quickly with free clorhing, avatars, and more. Visit our halls of rentals, merchants, clubs, and private regions. Need to get partnered? Go to our magistrate.
—— placed by Discovery Grid —— Special Attraction
Discovery City Commerce Building A --  -- Discovery City 39/833/111
Discovery City Commerce Building A
Floor 1
Free items, clothes, accessories for newcomers
Floor 2
Magistrate (partnering)
Class Room
Selea Core items
Floor 5
Hang Glider
—— placed by Balpien Hammerer —— Shopping
Discovery City Halls of Merchants & Regions  -- Discovery City 36/881/105
The halls of regions and merchants display our merchants classified advertisements and region parcels, those that have chosen to be seen. details at:
—— placed by Balpien Hammerer —— Shopping
Svarovski Real Estate.  -- Lawrence Bay 1844/1933/101
Here you find rezzers with about
42 Houses - 23 Shops cq Malls - Clubs
Rez them, walk into them, and enjoy !!

—— placed by Maximillian Svarovski —— Shopping
Textures Textures   -- Lawrence Bay 1750/1854/101
All kind of textures.
On Lawrence Bay.
—— placed by Maximillian Svarovski —— Shopping
Seda & Svarovski  -- Lawrence Bay 1776/1902/101
The Most beautiful decorated shop on the grid.
Amazing furniture and wonderful items to make your house a real home.
A need to see shop. Walk by, walk in, and enjoy the craftmans ship.
—— placed by Maximillian Svarovski —— Shopping
Legends Slyders Club  -- Lawrence Bay 1629/1947/101
Place for Sly�s friends have fun!
—— placed by Rosa Alekseev —— Shopping
Legends Slyders Club  -- Lawrence Bay 606/1883/101
Place for Sly's friends have fun!
—— placed by jennifer law —— Property Rental
Loose Cannon Ship Yard  -- LooseCannon 757/3340/104
Owned by Modee Parlez and based in Discovery Grid, Loose Cannon Ship Yard ( LCSY ) creates all historic ships whith which we battle on our vast seas. Navy, Pirate, Ships, Boats, Freebies. Also i create content on demand.
Also vintage buildings and ship yard props. Design for regions at low cost.

—— placed by Modee Parlez —— Shopping
PyroVR Fireworks  -- PyroVR Fireworks 515/1070/104
Offering the most realistic and advanced professional fireworks displays ever seen on any grid, open or closed. PyroVR Fireworks caters to small functions such as birthdays, weddings, and business openings, to large scale grid-sponsored public events including pyromusicals. Contact Neytiri Omatikaya to set up a meeting to add a whole new level to your event.

fireworks, 1.3G, July 4th, Independence Day, New Year's Eve, NYE, Boxing Day, Fest, anniversary, wedding, birthday, opening, holiday, event, pyromusical, all
—— placed by Neytiri Omatikaya —— Service
Discovery Grid Oceans  -- Spencer Bay 596/507/124
The oceans are a place to sail. Hundreds of Community oceans are placed between estates to form the fabric of the community.

Free sail
—— placed by Discovery Grid —— Service
HbL @ Whiskey Bay  -- Whiskey Bay 1737/1968/108
Handmade by Lem - sculpty-based furniture for home, office, street and garden

Lamps, phones, clocks, computers, dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, desks, bookshelves, filing cabinets, reception desks, display cabinets, signage, street lamps, public benches, full-perm builders' items, bargain boxes, and much more (such as interactive peacocks!).
—— placed by Lemuel Recreant —— Shopping
Cogito Aviation  -- Whiskey Bay 2987/1868/108
Latest Cogito release:.. A light helicopter (seats 2), based on the classic Schweizer 300c. Packed with authentic details, plenty of FX (incuding air traffic control radio), lights, headset, multiple colour schemes (including civilian, estate security, estate management, generic navy, army, police, coastguard, rescue, with countless colour combinations and 9 different registration numbers,

For added challenge, the craft explodes if it hits water, lands on uneven ground, or if the pilot exits in mid-air!
—— placed by Lemuel Recreant —— Shopping