Discovery Grid

Welcome to our virtual world. If you are new here, look around and browse places, or, create an avatar account. Curious about the world, look at the world map.

Our grid login URI is

Create Avatar Account

To create your avatar account, choose your starter avatar outfit from the dropdown list. You will see what they look like. Enter your avatar's first and last name, then enter a password. Reenter this password to verify it is correct. Enter your email address, finally click on the Create Avatar button. You will be sent a verification email.

You will need a viewer to enter the virtual world. Though there are several viewers available, we recommend either Firestorm or Singularity. Download either one by selecting the respective icon on the left or right. Our grid URI is If you are not sure how to set that up in the viewer select the following: How to Setup Viewer Grid Location

Login to your Avatar Account

Login to your account. This lets you edit your settings, check on friends, check offline IMs, view transactions, manage your regions, manage your groups. Our grid URI is If you are not sure how to set that up in the viewer select the following: Setup Viewer Grid Location

Forgot Password

Forgot your password? Fill out this form, select the New Password button, then receive a notification via email to help you out. Check your inbox, some email servcies (like gmail) might take several minutes to deliver the email. If you forgot your account's email address, please file a support ticket.

Currency Brokers

DiscoveryGrid uses two external currency brokers. Both offer the ability to use and/or transfer your money across the hypergrid. Select the broker icon to navigate to their respective WEB site.


Gloebit is a US based virtual currency provider. They offer universal coins that are not locked to a grid. Your Gloebits are maintained in a central repository and their value is the same on all grids. There are several Gloebit enable regions throughout the grid.


Podex is a UK based virtual coin exchange. They will buy/sell Discovery Coins (DC) converting to various fiat currencies. A varying exchange rate applies. Podex termainals are located inworld at Discovery City and in various shopping malls throughout the grid.

Local DCs

Our local virtual currency is the Discovery Coin (DC). Its exchange rate is 100DC per $1USD, but we do not cash it out directly. Instead we use the commercial currency exchanges: Podex and Gloebit.

Grid Statistics

Current Time Sat, 24 Feb 2018 15:19:53 -0800
Grid Status Online
Registered Accounts 439
Users Online 6
Active Users 30 days 123
Active Users 60 days 198
Active Users 90 days 251
Active HG Users 30 days 40
Active HG Users 60 days 88
Active HG Users 90 days 109
Regions 120
256m Region Equivalents 3906
Region Square Kilometers 255.98
Currency DC$ (Podex) G$ (Gloebit)
Voice Chat Vivox
Hypergrid Enabled
Grid URI
WEB page

Gallery of Regions

This is a highlight of some of the regions in DiscoveryGrid. Scroll through them. Hover over a photo to get more details. Click on the zoom button to get a closer view. You can visit a region but before you do that, you need to download a viewer and create an avatar.

How to Setup Viewer Grid Location

Setting up your viewer to have this grid listed in it is straightforward although it involves several easy steps. The following photos will guide you through this one-time procecss which begins by starting the firestorm viewer. Once the login pane appears, do the following steps: