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Server Manager

Enter the name of a server then press enter to get its status.

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T = Total, L = Lightduty, M = Main Regions

Estate Manager

Enter an estate name then press enter to get its properties.

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Estate Owners and Their Estates

Region Manager

Enter a region name then press enter to get information about it. Or, select the region task to perform then update the fields related to the task. Editable fields have a border around them. Select the [Execute] button to commit the changes.

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Monthly Tier

The Regions (123/123, Main: 43)

Regions Offline

Total committed regions: 123
Total 256m region equivalents: 4242
Total square kilometers: 278

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Restore Region

Enter a region name then press enter. When the related server name appears, click on the [Refresh List] button to update the list of available backup files. Select a backup date. Click on [Restore Region] to begin the restore process. This will take several minutes. Progress messages will appear.

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Update Gallery of Regions

Add or delete region images and related text. Scroll through them, select one to edit.