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Celestial Japan

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Tsuki Mura is a village in the Japanese countryside. It is set in the Edo period of Japan, from 1600 to 1868 A.D. Tsuki Mura was originally built in InWorldz by Moon Satoshi beginning in 2011 and was owned by Jillian2000 Quintessa since 2013. When InWorldz closed, Moon came out of retirement to help recreate and expand the village in Discovery Grid. The Discovery version of Tsuki Mura is situated on an 8x8 sim. It is much larger and features farm and river areas. We celebrated the grand opening of the Discovery version of Tsuki Mura in early 2019.

The village and its surrounding areas have info boxes that give notecards with information about what the tourist is seeing. The village is bisected by a river deep enough to accommodate large sailing ships. The Welcome Center for the village is in the main square. A performance stage is located there. The square backs on a small canal. There are tour boats available (built by Modee Parlez of Loose Cannon Boat Works).

Across a larger canal lies the Pleasure District of the village. You’ll find a Sumo Ring, a Kabuki theater, several performance stages and tea houses and shops.

There is a hilltop shrine, and those who find the hill and climb to the top will be rewarded with a view of the whole village.

Tsuki Mura Village has shops and homes that are for rent. In addition, other spots on the sim are set up as rental houses. For more information about rentals IM Jillian2000 Quintessa. There is also a Chinese Classical Garden built on the sim, modeled after the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon.

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