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Resident Managed Hall of Regions/Merchants/Clubs

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The halls of Regions, Merchants, and Rentals/Clubs lie between the two commerce buildings in the northwestern part of region Discovery City. They showcase our residents' builds, their for-sale creations, and services. These halls used to be maintained manually, but now they are powered directly by region owners and local merchants. Grid manager automation monitors the classifieds and parcel information to keep the displays up to date.

The following sections list instructions on how to set up existing tools to place your descriptions and snapshots onto the display boards. You do this by placing classified advertisements and/or updating your region parcel descriptions. The good news is that pre-existing classifieds and parcel descriptions that have been marked as searchable are already on display, so take a look today.

What People See

In the merchant hall, the boards display the contents of classifieds. When an avatar touches a pane, they are presented with the advert's name, and the description. In the regions hall, the pane will display the parcel names and parcel description. In both cases, the avatar is teleported to the designated location when they click on the "Visit" button. Additionally, this information can be viewed at the Discovery Grid WEB site in the classifieds page.


How to Setup Classified Adverts

Classified adverts are set up inworld using the viewer. From the viewer, menu Avatar / Profile / Classfieds tab gets you to the classifieds pane. Therein all the classifieds you have crerated are listed. The look of this pane varies by viewer; a [+] button or a [New] button will start a new advert. Fill in the form, drag in a texture representing what you want peopple to see. Stand where you intend people to be teleported when they request to be taken to your advert locartion.

Hall of Merchants

The hall of merchants is driven by classified adverts. Create an advert for your store or service as described above.

  1. Set the category to: Shopping, New Products, or Service.
  2. Create a snapshot for your advert. It is best if you compose it with an external image editor sized to 1280×720 or 853x480. You can use an inworld snapshot directly, but use the "Current window(512x512)" setting. This ensures the images will look OK on the panes which have an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  3. Enter your classified text. Although your text can be thousands of characters, only the first 511 characters will be shown on the inworld display on the panes. Note that if you have search keywords, place them at the end starting with /* (add keywords here)
  4. Critical: Stand where you want people to land, and then set the location. This is where visitors are teleported to when they click on the "Visit" button.
  5. Click on the SAVE button, then in about ten minutes your classified will be placed in the merchant's area.

There are presently 42 display panes for merchants. The list of those 42 panes is determined by the advert's price, so if you want your classified to be displayed in the merchant area price it slightly higher than the bulk of the classifieds.


The Rentals or Clubs board is located between the Halls of Merchants and Regions, specifically to showcase them. There are 21 spots available. Create a classified advert, then set the category to either: Land Rental, Property Rental or Special Attraction (venues). Price your advert to get it into the top 21 spots.

Hall of Regions

The hall of regions is driven by the parcel descriptions in each region. The parcels will be displayed when both a snapshot is present and when the [x] Show parcel in search setting is checked. Go to your parcel in the region, then select menu World/Parcel Details. Select the Options tab. Check the "Show Place in Search" setting. Set a snapshot you wish to see displayed. Fill in the parcel's description as this appears when people touch the board. Next, set up the landing point where people will be teleported when they click on the "Visit" button. The spot is set to where YOU stand.

There are sixty three (63) panes for region parcels. The parcels are ordered by the most active ones (aka dwell) first. Dwell simply means how many avatars visit your region (NPCs are never counted) and how long they stayed. It is an approximation of overall avatar traffic.

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