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Thunder over Discovery 2022 Update

If you missed the event, you can watch the pyromusical portion here:

Thunder over Discovery 2022

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Come join us to celebrate Discovery Grid's 6th birthday party on July 2nd and its survival through the pandemic and economic downturn of the OpenSim metaverse. Thunder over Discovery 2022 is patterned after the real life Thunder over Louisville event. Our event starts with an hour of DJ exravaganza at Club Thunder hosted by DJ Caliope. Following that you will be treated to the Blue Angels virtual air show. The F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets have been upgraded to F-18C Super Hornet jets. They are bigger, faster this year. Be prepared to be blown away by the surround sound high precision breathtaking acrobatic flight maneuvers and thunderous flyovers. Next will be fabulous virtual fireworks in a pyromusical brought to you by PyroVR Fireworks. Neytiri, owner/operator of PyroVR, has again created newer custom effects that will be debuted for this event.

After the fireworks, head back to Club Thunder, where DJ Caliope will be kicking out the jams. Or, head to the airport, and try out the F-18 trainer jet. There will be two Thunder over Discovery showings, one at 2 PM grid time to accommodate our Euro-zone residents and visitors, and one at 6 PM grid time for our North/South Americas residents and visitors.

PLEASE arrive early especially if you are a hypergrid visitor. The doors close during the airshow and during the pyromusical to prevent disruptions.

Sneak Video Preview

Watch these videos to get a sense of what will take place at the shows. The first one is specatator view and how you can watch if you lock your camera onto one of the jets (alt-left-click). The second video is the pilots perspective, both 3rd-person camaera and mouselook.



2:00 PM DJ Caliope - Preshow, viewing instructions
3:00 Blue Angels air show
3:30 Pyromusical
4:00 DJ Caliope - Dance party

5:00 Free Flight, try out your skills on an F-18C Super Hornet
6:00 PM DJ Caliope - Preshow, viewing instructions
7:00 Blue Angels air show
7:30 Pyromusical
8:00 DJ Caliope - Dance party
July 2nd 2022 - 1st Event begins 2 PM (2:00) to 4 PM (16:00) Grid time
2nd Encore Event begins 6 PM (18:00) to 8 PM (20:00) Grid Time
Region "Louisville"
HG visitors, hop in via the world map:

About the DJ

Calliope Andel also known as "Muse" has been a DJ in many game environments and virtual worlds since 2002. "I love entertaining people. I love to play music and engage people so they feel they're a part of the scene not just listening to the music." Calliope's favorite genres include Epic music, International, Bhangra, Latin, Rock, Hip Hop, Swing and Disco. You can find her throughout the metaverse, look her up on discord to see where she'll be next. Calliope will be playing for the preshow, air show, pyromusical, and dance party.

About PyroVR Fireworks

PyroVR Fireworks is a professional fireworks display company providing the most realistic looking and sounding fireworks shows found on any grid, open or closed. From a humble InWorldz beginning back in 2012, and later founded in 2014, PyroVR Fireworks has now expanded into several Opensim grids after IW closed. The company currently provides service to Discovery Grid, Utopia Skye Grid, TAG, Opensim Fest Grid, and Mobius Grid.

PyroVR Fireworks offers professional fireworks displays for a variety of functions ranging from large Grid-Sponsored Public Events such as New Year's Eve and Holiday Festivals, as well as Corporate Events for Grand Openings and Product Launches, to smaller events for Weddings and Birthdays. Neytiri, owner/operator of PyroVR says: "We have several packages to accommodate most budgets, launched from either land or from barges.

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