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2021 Celebrating New Years Eve

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Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022! Join Discovery Grid and PyroVR Fireworks as the grid invites everyone to ring in 2022 at the iconic Space Needle! A new custom pyromusical soundtrack has been compiled along with some new fireworks effects all launched off the Needle. There will be two displays starting at 3:00 PM and again at 8:00 PM with DJ Astoria Luminos live at the Mural Amphitheater for an hour of music and dancing, followed by ringing in the new year at 4:00 PM, and an encore presentation at 9:00 PM with a fireworks pyromusical.

All times are Grid Time/PST. Sponsored by Discovery Grid and PyroVR Fireworks The events happen in region Seattle. Hypergrid visitors can reach it via hop://

Upon Arrival

Please set your viewer to shared environment as we will use EEP to bring you evening skies during the dance section and a vibrant sky scene for the pyromusical. Set your draw distance to at least 512m since the fireworks take up a lot space. Enable advanced lighting for the full effect. Get a sound HUD from the dispenser (see photo). Touch it to receive an attachment request. The PyroVR sound HUD will give you a precise 3D audio mix, so be sure to wear headphones during the Pyromusical event. Remove facelights and any particle emitters as they starve out the fireworks.

About PyroVR Fireworks

PyroVR Fireworks is a professional fireworks display company providing the most realistic looking and sounding fireworks shows found on any grid, open or closed. From a humble InWorldz beginning back in 2012, and later founded in 2014, PyroVR Fireworks has now expanded into several Opensim and Halcyon grids after IW closed. The company currently provides service to Discovery Grid, Utopia Skye Grid, Skye Grid, TAG, Opensim Fest Grid, and Mobius Grid. PyroVR Fireworks offers professional fireworks displays for a variety of functions ranging from large Grid-Sponsored Public Events such as New Year's Eve and Holiday Festivals, as well as Corporate Events for Grand Openings and Product Launches, to smaller events for Weddings and Birthdays. We have several packages to accommodate most budgets, launched from either land or from barges.

An image is insufficient to convey the complexities of motion based fireworks. Here is video of a previous pyromusical which took place this summer, Thunder over Discovery:

About DJ Astoria

DJ Astoria Luminos has been creating unique playlists for diverse virtual audiences in SL, Inworldz, and Opensim since 2009. With roots in rock her presentations have grown to include a variety of selections in celtic, world, pop, jazz, and other genres. She specializes in themed events. Astoria will be entertaining us during the preshows at 3PM and 8PM, and driving the pyromusical audio starting at 4PM and 9PM.

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