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Thunder Over Discovery

Come join us to celebrate Discovery Grid's 4th birthday party on July 4th. Thunder over Discovery is patterned after the real life Thunder over Louisville event. In our event there will be fabulous virtual fireworks in a pyromusical brought to you by PyroVR Fireworks. Neytiri, owner/operator of PyroVR, has been working on new custom effects that will be debuted for this event. But, before the sky becomes ablaze with the colorful and realistic pyro patterns, you will be treated to annother metaverse debut of the Blue Angels virtual air show. These highly detailed F/A-18 hornet fighter jets are powered by custom physical flight and SFX scripts, made by InMotion (Balpien Hammerer). These aircraft will astound you as their pilots perform high precision breathtaking acrobatic flight maneuvers and thunderous flyovers. Nothing like this has likely been seen in the metaverse.

After the fireworks, head over to Club Thunder, where DJ Mark Anthoni and Rosa Alekseev will be kicking the jams. There will be two Thunder over Discovery showings, one at noon grid time to accommodate our Euro-zone residents and visitors, and one at 6 PM grid time for our North/South Americas residents and visitors. DJ Mark will be at Club Thunder at 1 PM and DJ Rosa will host the 7 PM dance party.

Preshow, viewing instructions
Blue Angels air show
Dance party
July 4th 2020 - 1st Event begins 12 PM (12:00) to 2 PM (14:00) Grid time
2nd Encore Event begins 6 PM (18:00) to 8 PM (20:00) Grid Time
Region "Discovery Events 2"
HG visitors, hop in via the world map: Events 2

About the Flight Crew

The virtual F/A-18 hornets are and handful to fly. Because they require real-time piloting, our skilled pilots practiced for weeks to polish their form and flight maneuvers. The pilots are listed in tail number order:

1 - Balpien Hammerer
2 - Jeff Edwards
3 - Kayaker Magic
4 - Tenbears Running
5 - Drew Hunter
6 - Neytiri Omatikaya

About the DJs

DJ Astoria Luminos has been creating unique playlists for diverse virtual audiences in SL, Inworldz, and Opensim since 2009. With roots in rock her presentations have grown to include a variety of selections in celtic, world, pop, jazz, and other genres. She specializes in themed events. Astoria will be playing the preshow, air show, and pyromusical starting at 12 Noon.

Calliope Andel also known as "Muse" has been a DJ in many game environments and virtual worlds since 2002. "I love entertaining people. I love to play music and engage people so they feel they're a part of the scene not just listening to the music." Calliope's favorite genres include Epic music, International, Bhangra, Latin, Rock, Hip Hip, Swing and Disco among many others. You can find her throughout the metaverse, look her up on discord to see where she'll be next. Calliope will playing for the preshow, air show and pyromusical starting at 6PM.

DJ Mark Anthoni has been entertaining in SecondLife and Inworldz since 2011, in Discovery Grid since 2019, playing Classic Rock and Country & Blues. For the 1PM party Mark will be playing danceable music by J.Lo.

DJ Rosa Alekseev is a Brazilian who has been a Dj in different virtual worlds for over a decade. She has performed at many festivals in SL, OS, Sinewave Space, Decentraland, and for many birthdays and holidays. "I love music and mix tunes. I've studied music since childhood." Her music covers Classic Rock, Disco, Reggae, Ska, R&B, Jazz, Swing, Electroswing, Country, Zydeco, Latin, and many others. For the 7PM party Rosa will be mixing rock and blues and music from the 70s and 80s.

About PyroVR Fireworks

PyroVR Fireworks is a professional fireworks display company providing the most realistic looking and sounding fireworks shows found on any grid, open or closed. From a humble InWorldz beginning back in 2012, and later founded in 2014, PyroVR Fireworks has now expanded into several Opensim and Halcyon grids after IW closed. The company currently provides service to Discovery Grid, Utopia Skye Grid, Amaryllis Grid, TAG, Opensim Fest Grid, and Mobius Grid.

PyroVR Fireworks offers professional fireworks displays for a variety of functions ranging from large Grid-Sponsored Public Events such as New Year's Eve and Holiday Festivals, as well as Corporate Events for Grand Openings and Product Launches, to smaller events for Weddings and Birthdays. We have several packages to accommodate most budgets, launched from either land or from barges.
Here are some of PyroVR's clients comments:

  • “The best virtual fireworks display that I've ever seen—an unforgettable fusion of image, light and sound, the result of ingenious scripting and beautiful artwork. Neytiri is a true artist.”—Arton Tripsa (Jane Watson, published Australian novelist and short story writer)
  • “Some of the best fireworks ever seen in virtual on any grid!”—Calliope Andel, Utopia Skye Grid Owner
  • “The most realistic and immersive displays I’ve ever seen by far, in any virtual world - Neytiri’s fireworks are absolutely stunning!”—Tanya Matahari, Matahari Style Owner
  • “It really felt as if we were in the RL London with a real accurate fireworks show. The sounds were real, the timing was perfect and we of TAG Grid have booked PyroVR Fireworks for every New Year’s Eve to come.”—Constanza Amsterdam, TAG Grid Owner
  • "I've not seen hyper realistic fireworks anywhere in the metaverse except for PyroVR. It is the attention to details and careful thought in working with the vast possibilities and limitations of the OpenSim and viewer engines and the chest thumping sounds that makes these fireworks enjoyable. They are a visual and auditory treat!" — Balpien Hammerer, DiscoveryGrid Owner

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