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Summer Pop-up Market

You are Invited!
Come to the summer pop up market in Virtual Seattle!!! This very popular market is scheduled to take place from June 19 through July 5, 2020. See what our Discovery Grid merchants have to offer all in one cozy flea market setting at virtual Seattle. Hypergrid visitors are welcome. The region is set to transact in Gloebits. If you want to purchase items in the local Discovery Coins (DC$) all the merchants will have landmark givers and teleporters to their respective DC$ stores.

Our previous pop-up markets have been very successful. We had over 200 visitors from everywhere in the Metaverse at our last market. HG visitors, hop in via the world map:

Summer Market Merchants

-Al Fresco
-Black Cockatoo Creations
-Boogie Streams
-Chez Fayre
-Crown Jewel
-Discovery Roleplay
-Dragoness Designs
-Handmade by Lem
-Loose Cannon
-Matahari Skate
-Matahari Style
-Ocean Engineering
-Perfect Harmony
-Plumtree Furniture & Décor
-Rockin the Blues
-Scrimshaw Marine Boatworks
-Shopity Houses & Such
-Sounds Turner - Dreamstrem
-Svarovski Design
-The Shoals Home Decor

Here are comments from our merchants:
"It's a great idea! I'll participate in them, no matter how often."
"Can't wait for the next one!"
"This is the first event or shop I have opened here other than my main store. I would definitely do this again!"
"The market seemed to attract a "surge" of visitors. Great for sales!"

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