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Virtual Seattle Winter Market

The Discovery Grid is proud to announce the Virtual Seattle Winter Market 2019! The market runs from December 7, 2019 through January 7, 2020. This makes the second pop-up market for the grid, but this time with a winter theme. There will be vendors from all over the Discovery Grid participating. Events (times listed in grid time, Pacific Timezone) include:

  • Skating at a beautifully decorated Skating Rink courtesy of Elin Egoyan
  • Carousel Rides compliments of Al Fresco
  • On Sunday Dec 7, enjoy a concert by the "Santana Cover Band" at the Mural Outdoor Amphitheater courtesy of Seismic Events
  • On Saturday Dec 14 from 6-9 PM dance to music by several wonderful DJs courtesy of Rockin' the Blues
  • On Monday Dec 16 from 6-8 PM dance to music at the Skating Rink by DJ Moonie
  • On Wednesday, Christmas Night, DJ Jeff Edwards will bring his "Classic Rock" night to the Skating Rink
  • On Tuesday, New Year's Eve will bring fabulous musical events in Virtual Seattle at the Space Needle by:
    • DJ Jeff Edwards with his Gatsby style music from 6-8 PM
    • "Rockin' the Blues with the best blues in the Metaverse from 8-10 PM and fireworks throughout RTB's event by Tracer Prometheus to ring in the New Year in three time zones
    • DJ Astoria 80s and 90s music from 10 PM-Midnight
    • PyroVR fireworks by Neytiri Omatikaya at Midnight to ring in the Pacific time zone New Year
  • Elevators are standing by to take you to the restaurant/ballroom. More events will be announced soon so stay tuned! Moreover, please check our event calendar for other resident supported fabulous events happening during this time.

Participating in the Winter Market are:

Al Fresco
Black Cockatoo Creations
Crown Jewel
D & D Creations
Drew’s Gadget Shop
Elin Arts
Fashion Eye
Festive Occasions
Handmade by Lem
Lorin’s Sound Effects
Matahari Skate
Matahari Style
Moondance Designs
Ocean Engineering
Perfect Harmony
Plumtree Furniture & Décor
Rockin’ the Blues
Scrimshaw Marine Boatworks
Seismic Events
Simple Reflections
Simply Lily’s Designs
Svarovski Design
The Shoals Home Decor
Uniquely Quintessa

The Fall Pop Up Market was very successful. We are expecting a larger participation this time around. The Virtual Seattle Winter Market 2019 promises to be a fun event. We hope you will join us for the fun, the music, and maybe take home some items for your virtual life! As always, thank you so much for participating in this grid sponsored event. Without you, there would be no “us”. :)

Read more at Hypergrid Business

Getting to the Seattle Market

There are several ways to get to the Seattle Market:

  • If you are inworld in DiscoveryGrid, go to the world map, find Seattle, teleport there.
  • If you are inworld in another grid, go to the world map and enter in the find field, then hyprgrid teleport there..
  • From a WEB browser, enter hop:// That will launch your viewer, and then set it up to take you there when you login

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